Retired Manager turned Rancher – Comfytemp Needed

Comfytemp Red Light Belt retired

Retired Manager turned Rancher – Comfytemp Needed

When my work-a-holic husband told me at 65 he was ready to retire, I like to have fainted. You see he never slows down much less “retires.” During the “Covid Era,” we purchased land and built a home.

My husband’s dream of being on a ranch in Texas was coming true. He decided he wanted to be a rancher for the rest of his life. This led to the decision he would retire and work full-time on the ranch.  So needless to say he had to make some adjustments. One of course was his back pain. Years prior he had to have surgery on his back and every now and then he has back pain when he sits too long. He asked me to find him a heated back brace and boy did I show up.

He knew his next ranch project would include riding a backhoe for hours and days. His goal was to build two ponds in a week, the first pond was to duck hunt out of in the middle of our property the second was for me to enjoy behind the house.

So after researching different options, I found the Comfytemp Red Light Belt and it has been a lifesaver! I was so happy when he began working on the ponds and never complained about his back once! And if you know my husband this is huge!

He finished a couple of days ago and I am already working on his next projects. This will include a dock for my new future pond!

A little about the Comfytemp Red Light Belt:

【3 PROFESSIONAL GRADES INFRARED RED LIGHT THERAPY】 Our infrared light therapy belt has a total of 126 pcs professional lamp beads with new 3 chips technology, each lamp contains 3 chips, it is designed to speed up wound healing, relieve pain, and reduce inflammation and restore body energy.

【HEALTHY RED LIGHT】 Red light is recognized as a healthy and safe therapy, 850 nm near-infrared light (invisible light) penetrates deep into tissue cells to help relieve pain and increase blood circulation, reduce inflammation and joint pain, relieve muscle tension, promote cell regeneration. 630 nm and 660 nm red light (visible light) acts on the epidermis to improve skin appearance and accelerate healing after sports injuries.

【PULSE MODE FOR MORE EFFECTIVE】 Our red light therapy wrap provides 4 modes, red light mode, infrared light mode, red + infrared light mode, and pulse mode. Pulse energy deeper into the cell tissue, directly hitting the pain point provides a stronger effect on pain relief, better recovery of body energy, and faster relief of body fatigue.

【CONVENIENT SIZE】 Our infrared red light therapy belt for a body at 50″ x 8″ size, the red light coverage area is 22″ x 8″, can perfectly meet your needs and is suitable for multi-purpose use, 5.9ft wall outlet cable convenient for your use.


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