Your Hospital Stay Might Not Be Half As Horrible As You’re Expecting


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Often, we don’t have time to get nervous about hospital visits. They happen upon us after an accident. Before we know, we’re in a backless gown, trying to get to sleep on a noisy ward. When that happens, we have no choice but to shut up and put up.

Sometimes, though, hospital visits are planned. If you’re booked in for a procedure or an operation, for example, you may know months in advance about your stay. And, you may spend all those months dreading it.

None of us embraces hospital stays. The smell of disinfectant alone is enough to put many of us off the idea. That’s before you consider the fact that spending an unwanted night or more away from your bed is never nice. But, it isn’t worth stressing yourself out. As a matter of fact, many patients find that their hospital time isn’t half as bad as they thought. If you don’t believe us, keep on reading to find out why.

You really will be in the best place

We hear all the time that hospitals are ‘the best place for us’ when we’re recovering. The chances are that you’ve even said the same thing to friends in the past. So, it’s about time you remembered your own reassurances. Hospital really is the best place to be in the aftermath of any health concern. There, you’ll have MD trained doctors around, and nurses with a masters in nursing available at the click of a button. These trained individuals will check on you often, and offer treatment which can ease and comfort you. That’s just not something you can get at home, and it ensures a hospital stay is worth your while.


The visiting hours are usually generous


Nobody wants to be alone through injury or recovery. As such, the idea of sitting in a hospital room alone all day may be your worst nightmare. But, it isn’t a reality. While visiting hours vary on all wards, most are pretty generous. The majority of wards open for visiting morning and afternoon. That means you can arrange to have someone sit with you most of the time. All you need to do is organize a visiting schedule with your friends ahead of time. Then, you can always know how long you have to wait until you see someone again.

The food might not be as bad as you think

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There isn’t a person out there who doesn’t dread hospital food. Let’s face it; it does have a reputation. But, the chances are that the food on offer won’t be half as bad as you think. The majority of hospitals now have the choice of various hot meals, as well as sandwich and salad options. With that in mind, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to find something that you like. At the very worst, there’s nothing to stop your guests bringing you treats from the outside. In no time, your hospital visit could turn into a veritable feast.


  1. Last time either of us were in hospital was for the birth of our daughter. We were in for 5 days as she spent time in the NICU. We lived in NYC so the best thing was food/takeaway at our fingertips so we ate quite well

  2. I was hit by a car in high school. Hospital stay ensued. Outside of the horrible feeling of being broken, it wasn’t so bad. The hospital was close to my home and my family was able to visit. The hospital had a fantastic food program, I actually ate well. I never want to have to go back, but it is so good to see that hospital stays have improved significantly.

  3. I was pleasantly surprised with my last hospital visit. I went in for day surgery, and the nurses there were INCREDIBLE. They really took what could have been a horrible stay and turned it into an experience that wasn’t all that bad.

  4. Agreed!
    Hospital stays can be depressing and tedious. However, with the right team of Nurses (which usually do more than doctors) can be better. Also, having family and friends around will definitely make the stay more bearable.

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