The new Hotel Transylvania: Transformania movie

Have you heard?? As you can tell I am super excited!! The new Hotel Transylvania: Transformania movie is coming out on January 14th!! I can't wait to watch it.   Drac and the Pack are back like you’ve never seen them before in Hotel Transylvania: Transformania. Reunite with your favorite … [Continue reading]

Budgeting Works, here is my tips and tricks!

I always get a new planning calendar at the first of the year. It doesn't matter if it is from Dollar Tree as long has it has days in months in it for the whole year! This is mine for 2022. I love decorating it with encouraging words using some of my old vinyl, so I am not out any … [Continue reading]

Here’s What Buyers Really Want From Your Home

Here's What Buyers Really Want From Your Home Image - CC0 Licence   Are you thinking about selling your home? If the answer is yes, then … [Continue reading]

Wiener dog, Duck, Wiener Dog

I usually buy stuffed toys for my puppies but for Christmas this year I wanted to make sure and add my big dog to Santa's list. I ordered this … [Continue reading]

Grandma’s Apple Pie recipe to die for!

  Growing up we would always go to my grandmother’s house for Christmas, she lived far away so I remember the long drive and being so excited … [Continue reading]

The Best Macaroni and Cheese Recipe Ever!

So growing up my mom mad a bunch of stuff I love! This is so smooth and cheesy.  Everyone who has tried it loves it. I get asked to make it at most … [Continue reading]

Barilla Pesto Pasta Sauce Creamy Genovese

I am so in love with Italian food, I never miss the opportunity to try some, especially when it is from a brand I love. Barilla has introduced a … [Continue reading]

Why Building Muscle Leaves You Sore

Why Building Muscle Leaves You Sore   It’s common knowledge that exercising is good for you. Most people who decide to kickstart a healthy … [Continue reading]

9 Awesome Advantages of Swaddling a Baby

Most films that feature a newborn have a scene where it is impossible to swaddle a baby. By the end of the scene, the individual carelessly wraps the … [Continue reading]

6 Reasons to Keep an Updated First Aid Kit at Home

Almost 40 million people visit the doctor each year because of an accidental injury. Injuries are a part of life but being prepared can go a long … [Continue reading]

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Solar Company for Homes

Are you ready to install solar panels on your home? The good news is that there is no better time than today. Since solar panels have declined in … [Continue reading]

Winning Water: 5 Water Softener Advantages You Didn’t Know

Have you been ignoring hard water? Hard water can be annoying but did you also know that it can cause major problems for your home? If you live in … [Continue reading]

4 Possible Reasons Your Dog Is Low On Energy

Image Credit - CCO Licence If you have a dog, you might have noticed that from time to time they can suddenly appear to be quite low on energy. When … [Continue reading]

Fire Dept Coffee Review

I can not even begin to think about functioning in the morning until I have my coffee, my sweet husband knows the minute I start to stir I need … [Continue reading]

Flavor Your Life Virtual Influencer Event Review

It isn't every day you get to attend a virtual event that features both Alissa Mattei and Riccardo Zanni, but I recently was invited to participate, … [Continue reading]

4 Key Questions To Help You Decide Whether To Buy A Home

Are you thinking about buying your first home? If so, then you do need to make sure that this is going to be the right decision for you. Here are some … [Continue reading]

4 Tips to build a home during the pandemic!

Prior to the pandemic, we decided to sell our home and buy a ranch.  We enjoyed the freedom of having our own land and knew we wanted to build our … [Continue reading]

Castaway Nantucket Dress Review

Have you ever sat by the pool and saw someone walk by with the cutest summer dress on, or is that just me? Growing up around the beach I was always … [Continue reading]

Edge Naturale Hair Vitamins Review

After a year-long battle of trying to recover from a botched coloring I experienced at a local beauty salon, I finally accepted the need to chop my … [Continue reading]

Owners Can Be Doing During The Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted lives and plans all over the world over the past twelve months. It has particularly affected the tourism and … [Continue reading]

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