Why Building Muscle Leaves You Sore

Why Building Muscle Leaves You Sore


It’s common knowledge that exercising is good for you. Most people who decide to kickstart a healthy lifestyle quote exercise as one of their top priorities. You can dissociate fitness from wellbeing, as a regular physical activity can have positive impacts on your health. A fitness routine can help reduce risks of cardiovascular disease, as it improves heart health. Additionally, sports help bring oxygen and nutrients to all organs, increasing and improving blood flow. Therefore, your immune health and general health conditions can improve when you hit the gym frequently. 


But, more to the point, exercising is crucial to improve and protect your muscular and skeletal health, which can decline in old age. In other words, following a physical regime is beneficial for your muscles. So why do they hurt so much? Muscle soreness could be linked to different factors. 

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You’ve misjudged your fitness level

Nothing like an ambitious start to keep you motivated. However, overdoing it isn’t going to make you stronger faster. On the contrary, too much exercise or too much intensity can lead to what doctors call an overuse injury. If you are new to fitness or a particular activity, you may not know how to listen to your body. It can be tricky to differentiate muscle fatigue from an injured muscle. However, pain is a definite sign that there’s something wrong. Ideally, you need to pace yourself. Don’t be afraid to take it slow and help your muscles recover with compression garments such as a knee compression sleeve. Knees, ankles, and elbows are the most common areas to develop overuse injuries.  


You’re doing the same movements

Similar to an overuse injury, a repetitive stress injury can also affect new fitness doers. If you pick one kind of workout and stick to it every time, you could aggravate the risks of straining tendons. If you are not familiar with tennis elbow, this type of repetitive stress injury affects tennis players. The injury can affect your mobility, as it can be too painful to move. Compression gear, rest, and anti-inflammatory medication can help with minor injuries. Be careful not to push yourself too much.  


Muscle soreness is a good thing

Soreness is the sign of a growing muscle, according to gym-goers. The truth is a little different. Exercising can cause micro-tears inside the muscle fibers. It is a natural phenomenon that supports muscle build-up and strength progress. However, muscle damage is not an indispensable trigger of muscle growth. Physical activities that don’t create microtears in the fibers can still encourage growth. In other words, muscle soreness is not always necessary. Additionally, too much muscle damage can prevent muscle growth; see what we’ve said about overdoing it. Here’s the important lesson: Some people will experience more or less muscle soreness than others, and it’s not an indicator of building stronger muscles. If you experience delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) after a workout, it’s a completely normal phenomenon. But don’t assume you are not making progress when DOMS decreases, as it’s likely to when your train more regularly. 


Can you work out without pain? The answer is more complex than a simple yes or no. Pain indicates serious damage or an injury. On the other hand, soreness is a mild sensation that doesn’t affect your mobility or function. Being sore is also unnoticeable from the outside, while injuries can lead to swelling, bruising, etc. In short, be sure to read the signals your body is sending. 


9 Awesome Advantages of Swaddling a Baby

Most films that feature a newborn have a scene where it is impossible to swaddle a baby. By the end of the scene, the individual carelessly wraps the child in a blanket and calls it a day.

This is not the way you should swaddle a baby.

Swaddling a baby is not just for the aesthetic of a comfortable-looking bundle. It is more than that. It includes providing your baby with stability.

Some benefits come along with that swaddle that you may not be aware of. Here are 9 reasons why that swaddle is important for you and the little one.

1. Body Heat Regulation

Newborn babies cannot pull up a blanket when they’re cold. Many babies even have difficulty keeping their body temperature at a normal level. This is because their little bodies are brand new to the outside world.

Swaddling benefits include body heat stability. By swaddling a newborn you can lock in that heat for them. This will keep their tiny bodies from becoming too cold.

That new baby swaddle is beneficial in caring for your little one. It’s more than just a cozy way of holding a baby.

2. Provides Comforting Touch

Of course, there’s nothing better than getting the chance to hold your baby. It’s not only great for you, but it’s comforting for them. Try as you might, you cannot hold your newborn all day long.

One of the benefits of swaddling is providing them comfort. Swaddling your baby comforts their nervous system. It makes them a secure bundle who can sleep their day away.

Your baby wants nothing more than to feel safe and secure. The world is a new place for them. You want to provide them with as much security as possible.

3. Emulates the Womb

Going from a tiny enclosed space to a big bright world sounds overwhelming for a tiny baby. When you swaddle your baby you mimick that warm and wrapped feeling they enjoyed for 9 months. This gives them comfort and stability.

Swaddling your newborn is a reminder of where they came from. This will give your little one the time to adjust to their surroundings. What is better than giving your baby a comfortable reminder of the womb?

4. Calms the Startle Reflex

Your baby is born with a Moro reflex. This means that they startle quite easily. You may find your newborn jumping and waking up from sleep relatively often.

This startle reflex is one that they will keep for the first few months of their life. When you swaddle your baby you can comfort this reflex.

A swaddle gives your baby a tight and secure space. It calms them and reassures them they are safe. A baby’s swaddle is a tight blanket of protection that allows them to relax.

5. Helps With Digestive System

Did you know that when your baby is comfortable everything is more at ease? Not just mentally, but physically too. When you swaddle your baby they have an easier time with breaking down their meals.

This soothing wrap helps you when it comes to caring for a baby. It allows them to feel comfortable. This will help them with it comes to things such as digestion.

Many things hinder your baby’s comfort level. Why not make it so that they have the best options.

6. Eases Colic

A baby with colic can make the infant stage something a parent wants to run from. No matter what a parent does, their newborn constantly cries. What if swaddling was a way to eliminate that colic?

Colic typically occurs due to trouble with the digestive system, it can be avoided. Swaddling helps that digestive system along. It provides the stability your baby needs to relax.

7. Overall Mood Boost

Everything about swaddling your baby will make them happier. When your infant can rest peacefully they have a better chance at having a calm demeanor. Relaxation is a perk for your baby.

A swaddle provides your baby with the security they look for. It sets off endorphins of comfort. This makes your baby calmer and enhances their development.

When your baby is given the benefits of being a happy little one you get to enjoy the infant stage. A happy baby will make a happy parent as well. You will be able to take comfort in the fact that you have provided your baby with security.

8. Reduces SIDS Risk

Questions about the correct way to put your baby to sleep have changed numerous times. Evidence has shown that laying them. on their back without a blanket is the best way for them to sleep. Then you worry about them being cold, right?

This is why a swaddle is a preferred way of putting your newborn to sleep. With a swaddle, your baby will be able to sleep exclusively on their back. There is no worry about blankets obstructing your newborn’s breathing.

Your worries about excess blankets or putting up their bedding are eliminated. Your baby will have a nice restful sleep where they feel comfortable and protected.

9. Gives Caregivers More Excuses to Cuddle

That swaddled newborn baby is too inviting to resist. They’re easy to pick up and get lost for hours in. This is exactly what you want to do with a brand new baby.

Enjoy all of the time your baby can be swaddled. Soak up every moment of that new baby smell. The years pass by faster than you’ll want them to.

A swaddle gives both caregiver and baby the comfort they seek. This provides the downtime every new parent needs.

These Reasons Are Why Swaddling a Baby Is Important

Swaddling a baby isn’t only about how cuddly they look in their warm blanket. It’s about bringing them comfort. When you swaddle your baby you give them benefits you didn’t even know about before.

Before you lay your baby down in their crib for the night be sure they’re wrapped in a swaddle. This will provide them and you with the sleep you all need.

For more tips on how to care for your new baby and all other aspects of your life, we’re here for you. Check out our blog for more information.

6 Reasons to Keep an Updated First Aid Kit at Home

Almost 40 million people visit the doctor each year because of an accidental injury.

Injuries are a part of life but being prepared can go a long way towards recovering quickly.

Do you have a first aid kit in your home? If you answered no – you aren’t prepared.

Keep reading for 6 reasons you need an updated first aid kit in your home.

1. To Treat Injuries ASAP

The most important benefit of having a first aid kit at home is the ability to treat injuries quickly. With some injuries, time is critical and even slight delays can cause serious issues. When you have a first aid kit at the ready, you can treat common medical situations like cuts, scrape, burns, and bites in an instant.

This can give you a head start on treating the injury and could even prevent the need for a costly urgent care visit. You may be able to minimize scarring and help your wound heal more quickly with prompt treatment.

2. Everything Conveniently in One Location

The last thing you want to do in an emergency is scramble to find first aid supplies.

When you have a kid already assembled, you don’t have to waste time and energy trying to figure out what you need and where to find it. Taking the time to assemble a kit in advance will save you time when you need it most.

3. Fits Anywhere

First aid kits are compact and can be stored just about anywhere. You can even take them with you.

You should have a first aid kit in your home and your vehicle. You can even store one in your bag.

4. Preventing Infection

One of the most important aspects of first aid is preventing infection. If not properly cleaned, wounds can easily end up infected.

Be sure to keep antibiotics like Neosporin in your first aid kit.

5. Help Someone Else

Having your own home first aid kit can come in handy for others besides your own family.

If a friend is injured at your house or even a stranger, you can act quickly to provide first aid. Accidents happen when you least expect them to.

6. Customizable for Your Needs

The first aid supplies in your kit can be customized based on your family’s needs.

For example, if you or a family member has an allergy and needs an epi-pen close by, you can keep it stored in your compact first aid kit.

You can build pretty much any kit you can imagine and can even design your kit like a first responder kit bag.

Are You Prepared With a First Aid Kit?

If you don’t have a first aid kid in your home, you need one. Assembling a first aid kit takes little time and can be more than worth the trouble if an accident leads to an injury.

Check out the rest of our blog for more reviews of the best health supplies to keep in your first aid kit.

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Solar Company for Homes

Are you ready to install solar panels on your home? The good news is that there is no better time than today. Since solar panels have declined in price by 99% in the past 40 years, it’s a perfect time to start the conversion process.

If you’re trying to find a solar company for homes, this post will help you in your search. Below are five factors to consider when looking for a company for installing solar panels on your home.

Solar panel technician with drill installing solar panels on roof on a sunny day

1. Verify Licensing Information

There isn’t one set of building guidelines that applies across all locations. Each city and county have their own unique requirements. That’s why you can’t pick up and start working in any location you please.

You need the right licensing to show that you know the local regulations. Verify the licensing for every person working on your property, so you know for sure that they know how to do the job correctly.

2. Get the Timing Right

The chances are good that you don’t want to wait months to get your solar panels installed. However, certain contractors won’t always work with you on your schedule. They fit you in months down the line when they have an opening.

If you want your installation done soon, verify scheduling before you commit to a provider. Doing this will ensure you get your new solar panels installed quickly.

3. Get Pricing Options

Even if you’re in a hurry to get your new solar panels installed, the last thing you need to do is rush the process. If you only look at one company during your search, you might miss out on a great deal.

Try to get quotes from a minimum of three solar companies when comparing installation fees. Of course, don’t jump at the lowest price you see. Try to get the most value for your money when making your choice.

4. Look Over Warranties

Even with qualified solar installers, the job will sometimes not get done right the first time. Whether it’s because of human error or bad equipment, there’s always the chance that something will go wrong.

The question is, will your solar provider stand by their work when this happens? A warranty guarantees that they will. Make sure your warranty covers both labor and equipment before you buy from a solar installation company.

5. Look for Good Reviews

With so many options for solar providers available, it’s challenging for many people to pick out the cream of the crop. Anybody can tell you how good their service is. It’s another thing to deliver on your promises.

That’s why looking at online customer reviews is essential in your search. Great providers like Blue Raven Solar will have many reviews available online. You can tell by looking at customers’ past experiences whether or not a solar company is worth working with.

Do Your Research When Searching for a Solar Company for Homes

You’re investing a lot of money in solar panels, so you don’t want to work with a company that can’t give you the service you need. The factors above will help you find the best solar company for homes. Do your research, and you’ll get the solar installation experience you’re looking for.

Are you interested in more tips for improving your home? Head back to the blog for more great home improvement tips.

Winning Water: 5 Water Softener Advantages You Didn’t Know

Have you been ignoring hard water? Hard water can be annoying but did you also know that it can cause major problems for your home?

If you live in the United States, chances are you’ve experienced hard water. If you’re dealing with poor water quality in your own home, you don’t have to suffer.

Keep reading to learn more about why these 5 water softener advantages can seriously change your life.

1. Water Softeners Save You Money

Many people hesitate to invest in a water softener because of the cost upfront. But installing a water softener can actually save you money over time. Here are just a few of the things you can save money on over time by investing in a water softening system:

  • Plumbing
  • Appliances
  • Gas and electric bills
  • Soaps, detergents, and cleaning products

2. Improved Laundry

Hard water is hard on clothes. The minerals in hard water leave deposits on clothes that lead to fading, stains, and dull whites. One of the biggest water softener advantages for laundry is that soft water dissolves into clothes more easily, helping them get clean.

Softer water means softer clothes. It also keeps clothes looking new for longer by preventing damage caused by minerals in the water.

3. Cleaner Dishes

Hard water leads to cloudy dishes. No matter how many times you clean them, your dishes will look dirty when they dry. This is because of a build-up of minerals.

You might be wondering, what does a water softener do about that? Well, water softeners remove the minerals that lead to build-up on dishes. The softer water also blends with dish soap more effectively, creating more lather and cleaner dishes.

4. Better Skin and Hair

If you’ve ever showered with hard water, you’ve probably noticed that your shampoo and soap didn’t lather very well. A water softener will solve this problem and make your products more efficient, leading to cleaner skin and hair.

Hard water is hard on your body because it strips away your natural oils. This causes problems for your skin and hair. Installing a water softener can improve the look and feel of your hair and your skin as well as increase water pressure.

5. Saving Time on Cleaning

If your home has hard water, you probably spend a lot of time cleaning.

Hard water doesn’t fully penetrate and dissolve soap and leads to a build-up of minerals like lime. This residue collects in your showers, baths, sinks, and faucets.

One of the biggest signs you need a water softener is the presence of these hard-to-clean substances. Check out this link to learn more about the best water softeners to keep your home clean.

Want to Learn More Water Softener Advantages?

If you’re noticing signs of hard water and want to improve your quality of life, you should consider investing in a water softener.

Not only will softer water improve your daily life, but it can improve your health and give you peace of mind about the water you drink.

Check out the rest of our blog for product reviews to learn more about water softener advantages.

4 Possible Reasons Your Dog Is Low On Energy

Image Credit – CCO Licence

If you have a dog, you might have noticed that from time to time they can suddenly appear to be quite low on energy. When this happens, it can be a shock, and you might even be surprised about how depressed or upset your pooch can be at these moments. However, there is usually a fairly simple reason behind it, and it’s something that you should be able to fix. First of all, you will need to work out the reason however. Here are four of the possible reasons that your dog might be low on energy at the moment.




Sometimes the reason your dog is quiet and lacking in energy is simply because they are bloated. This can happen to any of us (just think about how you often feel at the end of Christmas day!) and your dog is no different in that regard. It may be that they are overeating, or it could be that they are not eating the right kind of food. If you have fed them some rich meat, for instance, this might cause this kind of reaction in dogs. So make sure that you are only doing that sparingly.


Lacking In Vitamins


It can also be related to what vitamins your dog is or is not getting. If they are apparently lethargic most of the time and it doesn’t seem to be changing or improving at all, then you might want to take a look at their food and see whether it needs changing for something better. If you take a look at dogfoodcare.com you will see plenty of advice on choosing the right food to feed to your dog. That should help to ensure that they are getting the right vitamins wherever possible.




You might assume that a dog would always yell out loudly if they were in a lot of pain, but in fact this is not necessarily the case. Just as often, a dog will respond to pain by becoming very quiet and subdued, and they might want to only rest in their bed until they feel better. So if your dog is suddenly very quiet in this manner, you might want to check if they have any pain, which you can normally do by gently encouraging them to move a little. If you are worried, take them to the vet to find out if there is anything seriously wrong.



Sometimes, a dog is not able to move around much because they are obese. It is part of your duty as a dog owner to make sure you know what counts as obese for your dog, taking into consideration their normal weight, breed and so on. If it turns out that they are obese, then you should try to feed them less, change out their food for a better one, and encourage them to exercise more. Perhaps you could take them out for walks more often, or play with them in the garden more. All of that should help.

Fire Dept Coffee Review

I can not even begin to think about functioning in the morning until I have my coffee, my sweet husband knows the minute I start to stir I need coffee. He has recently started to make me a cup before I get up which is so sweet and thoughtful. I have noticed some of my coffee is missing!! Apparently I am not the only one who loves this coffee, he can’t stop talking about it.

Early this month I received some of the best coffee I have ever tried from Fire Dept Coffee. I received two different types and both are amazing. The flavor is so good! My husband has never really been much on coffee but he is now making a cup each morning. His favorite was the Bourbon Spirt Infused Coffee. Mine was the FDC medium roast. We both can’t get over how flavorful this coffee is!


They have some amazing flavors, I liked the convenience of the K-Cups but check them out, there is a ton of varieties including ground coffees! I have a sweet code for 10% off your entire purchase! Code:  FDCOFFEE10

This is my favorite part of this Company!



Fire Dept. Coffee is a veteran-owned business and certified by the National Veteran-Owned Business Association (NaVOBA), we’re dedicated to providing great-tasting coffee to people everywhere. Every order is freshly roasted in Rockford, Illinois, by a dedicated team of firefighters, first responders, and coffee connoisseurs.

Inspired by the vital role that coffee plays in helping firefighters stay alert and energized through long shifts, Fire Dept. Coffee was founded in 2016. Founder and CEO Luke Schneider is a full-time firefighter/paramedic and a U.S. Navy veteran who teamed up with firefighter/paramedic Jason Patton who is also a full-time firefighter and VP for Fire Department Coffee.

Fire Department Coffee is run by active and retired firefighters, including our operations officer and chief coffee roaster.

Along with providing a growing selection of incredible coffee — including its signature spirit-infused roasts — Fire Dept. Coffee also supports heroes in need through the Fire Dept. Coffee Foundation. Ten percent of net proceeds are donated to help provide essential resources and assistance to first responders who have been injured on the job, mentally or physically, or who are facing other serious health challenges.


Flavor Your Life Virtual Influencer Event Review

It isn’t every day you get to attend a virtual event that features both Alissa Mattei and Riccardo Zanni, but I recently was invited to participate, thanks to Flavor Your Life and Mom’s Meet and it was just as fun as I imagined!

Alissa Mattei – Alissa Mattei is an organic chemist, professional taster, recipe developer, and consultant. She has published numerous scientific articles and patents, has worked as a consultant for a multitude of companies and associations, and has organized tastings and scientific courses around the world. Additionally, she writes recipes from Tuscany and other Italian regions that incorporate olive oil. Today, she is the President of the Knoil Association, a non-profit who shares the culture of extra virgin olive oil, as well as an AIFO panel leader.

I loved watching Alissa sharing how recipes work together to make amazing dishes. I can’t wait to try some of her recipes she was so knowledgeable and informative.

Riccardo Zanni – Chef Zanni has four generations of cooking experience from his family, which has owned a restaurant since 1934. His experience includes working in a Michelin star restaurant and managing the food business at the Grand Hotel Palace of Rome (five luxury stars). He has traveled all over the world, cooking traditional Italian dishes and learning other cooking styles. Chef Zanni has taught cooking in Italy since 2005, including at the European Bachelor of The Cordon Bleu in Florence. Currently, he serves as the chef of Bonifiche Ferraresi, one of the largest agricultural producers in Italy.

Riccardo is so creative in the kitchen, his world travel makes him fun to watch while he is creating masterpieces. I was excited to try the extra virgin olive oil he used while demonstrating some of his recipes. His food looked amazing! I learned to cook olive oil on a low temperature to ensure the flavor stays in the ingredients!

Some information about the Flavor Your Life Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  1. Extra virgin olive oil is made by pressing olive oil, without heat or chemicals; it’s known as the first cold pressed olive oil.
  2. Olive oils are tested for peroxide values. Lower values indicate fresher oil and more rapid processing.
  3. Extra virgin olive oil is virtually free of aciditybelow 0.8%. If the percentage of oleic acid (fatty acid) is too high, it indicates improper production and rancidity.
  4. A panel of trained, expert tasters tests for taste defects and the presence of positive attributes of fruitiness, bitterness, and spiciness. If the oil doesn’t have the signature fruity taste and harmonious balance, it won’t receive an Extra Virgin rating.
  5. Extra virgin olive oil has a high smoking point of 400°F, so it is suitable for cooking and baking.
  6. Between use, store your oil somewhere dark and cool (around 57°F, if possible), not on the counter or near a stove, and never in the refrigerator. Keep the lid screwed on tight, and use your oil within six months of opening.
About Le Stagioni d’ Italia
● Le Stagioni d’ Italia takes great pride in bringing authentic Italian foods from seed to
shelf, selecting seeds, harvesting crops, and packaging foods in their state-of-the-art
production facilities in Northern Italy.
● Le Stagioni d’ Italia’s short, fully traceable supply chain is guaranteed sustainable and the
great care they take with processing creates exceptional taste.
100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the first cold pressed olive oil from the first round
of extraction of fresh, intact olivesit has not been heated during processing, so it retains
its full nutritional value.
Harvested in Italy, it is vegan, gluten free, and contains no additives or preservatives.
It has a robust flavor of artichoke and almond, with a medium bitter and spicy aftertaste,
as well as a green, ripe, fruity aroma with a leafy feel.
100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil typically retails for $19.99 for a 500 mL bottle.
After attending the event I felt more confident in trying these amazing ingredients and making a dish. I made a deer sausage, squash and rice dish that was amazing!
Add one link sausage (I used deer sausage).
Add three squash, I cut up small,
1/2 onion &
season with Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 
For the rice I used Le Stagioni d’ Italia. 
This was the best, whitest, greatest textured rice I have ever tried!
The end result!
I can’t wait to try more recipes using this amazing Flavor Your Life ingredients!
“I received this product for free from Moms Meet (momsmeet.com) to use and post my honest opinions.
Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links.”

4 Key Questions To Help You Decide Whether To Buy A Home

Are you thinking about buying your first home? If so, then you do need to make sure that this is going to be the right decision for you. Here are some key questions that you should ask yourself. 

Pexels CCO License


Can You Afford It?


First, it is important to determine whether you can actually afford to buy the home in question. If the answer is no then you need to be honest with yourself about this and potentially continue to save. It could be the mortgage that is putting you off and if that’s the case, then you might just not have found the right one. Sites like MortgageQuote.com can help ensure that you are exploring all of the options available on the mark that could suit your needs. 


Are You Ready To Settle?


You might not have found the place where you want to stay for a long time just yet. If you’re still young, then there’s no shame in this. It’s great to be able to move around and continue to try and find the right place for you. However, a mistake people make is thinking that they can buy and they continue to do this. That’s a problem because a home will always cement you in one place. Even if you rent it out, that still means that you are responsible for the upkeep and providing health and safety standards for tenants. Selling a property isn’t always easy either which is why if you are not ready to settle it’s best to avoid a purchase until you are. 


Are You Prepared For The Responsibility?


There’s definitely a lot more responsibility when you buy a home compared to when you continue to rent. The main responsibility is that you need to take care of the home and ensure that you are fixing it up and repairing it. If you rent, a landlord will be responsible for doing this for you. When you buy things change and you’ll have to make sure the home is safe for you and the rest of your family. If you don’t have the time or willpower to do this, it’s best to keep renting for now. 


Have You Found The Right Property? 


Finally, you need to make sure that you do find the right property rather than rushing in. It’s tempting to buy the first property you discover that looks okay and matches your price range but this is never going to be a smart option. The problem with doing this is that the property could be riddled with problems and might not be the smart investment that you hoped for. One of the ways that you can avoid issues here is by doing a thorough check. You should also make sure that an owner is selling the home on the floor. If you buy a home that is too expensive then you could end up with a mortgage shortfall. 


You can research and find out more about buying a house and whether it is the right time for you here www.moneysavingexpert.com.


We hope this helps you determine whether buying a property is going to be the right choice for you. 


4 Tips to build a home during the pandemic!

Prior to the pandemic, we decided to sell our home and buy a ranch.  We enjoyed the freedom of having our own land and knew we wanted to build our dream farmhouse. Then covid happened and we had to get creative to stay in our budget and get what we wanted! My husband nor I lost our jobs during covid, fortunately, our income didn’t suffer due to Covid, but the cost to build doubled!

Here  are few things I learned about building during covid:

Make sure you have exactly what you want on the plans. Most of the extra money made during home building is from the changes made after the building starts.

Ask for a complete breakdown of when each draw will be due. We receive upfront a step-by-step guide of when each payment is due and what will be completed. This helps with knowing what to expect.
Lastly, if you don’t like the options for things such as the garage door. Then ask to upgrade and pay the difference right then. Don’t settle with something you aren’t 100% happy with.
These tips helped us have a smooth building experience and actually enjoy it.


Castaway Nantucket Dress Review

Have you ever sat by the pool and saw someone walk by with the cutest summer dress on, or is that just me? Growing up around the beach I was always around people wearing the cutest summer clothes. I loved the beach dresses everyone would wear while walking on the beach or sitting outside by the pool,

After I got married and since saltwater is in my blood, I had to have a saltwater pool. I wanted something special to wear for our cookouts. Then I remembered the cute outfits I saw everyone wearing when they were walking on the beach or sitting by the pool.

Once Covid happened and the party’s stopped I spent more time looking for some perfect outfits. This year I am excited to say I found a company that has the most stylish, sophisticated outfits. I am so excited when I received this dress from Castaway Nantucket.

It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with their style and designs. This is exactly what I have been looking for!

I was so excited when I received the dress that I have been searching for!

This dress is lined but not heavy material so it is perfect to wear to an outside party or even an evening out. It is a classic blue gingham in a Tunic style. I will be the envy of the next party with this dress on!

The quality of this dress is amazing even down to their emblem.

If you are like me and looking for gorgeous outdoor wear, then check out Castaway Nantucket!

Edge Naturale Hair Vitamins Review

After a year-long battle of trying to recover from a botched coloring I experienced at a local beauty salon, I finally accepted the need to chop my hair off. This was devastating to me since I have always worn long hair. After this, I knew I wanted to find a product to help my hair grow fast and continue to recover. I found the Edge Natruale Hair Vitamins and within days fell in love with this product.


First I noticed my hair had a shine again, one that was lost due to the damage. I realized, my hair was moisturizing itself. Prior to these vitamins I just had dry, brittle hair.

The second was how fast my hair was growing! My hair felt like it was growing at a snail’s pace until I started these daily vitamins, then it was growing at an inch a month. That of course is according to my hairdresser, she says she hasn’t seen my hair look this healthy ever.

Lastly, I realized my hair is finally producting oil again. Growing up I hated how oily my hair always seemed. I would have to wash my hair daily. But after my botch job, I noticed how brittle and dry my hair was, and how it wasn’t producting oil. So this was the most exciting to me, my hair is recovering finally.



So after a month of using, I can honestly say this hair vitamin works amazing and I can’t wait to see how much growth I have had for my next hair appointment with my hair dresser.

What Vacation Property Owners Can Be Doing During The Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted lives and plans all over the world over the past twelve months. It has particularly affected the tourism and hospitality industry – many hotels and vacation properties have not been allowed to open, or have been affected by travel restrictions stopping would-be tourists from being able to travel.


Of course, this means that many owners of vacation properties have been sitting, twiddling their thumbs for most of the past year and for the foreseeable future while the pandemic passes. They may be understandably worried whether their business will even survive and if it does, how they can entice the tourists back when it is safe to do so.


Here, we look at some of the things that vacation property owners can be doing during the pandemic to make the best out of their time. 

Image via Unsplash CC0 License


Make sure the property is up to scratch


While your property should always be up to code in terms of fire safety and is hopefully always in a good condition for tourists and short-term tenants, we all know how easy it is to let some general maintenance issues slide when you have customer after customer booked in. It might have been a while since you have had the gutters cleared out, or that HVAC repair that you have never quite got around to. Use this time now to get the professionals in – safely – and do all the jobs that need doing to make it safe and pleasant for your guests.


Redecorate and refresh


If you have got the financial means to do so, use this time to redecorate your vacation property and look at giving it a new lease of life. This can be as big or as small as you want – a lick of paint in all of the rooms, or ripping out the kitchen and bathroom and putting new ones in. It could be as simple as putting up new curtains and pictures or replacing that carpet which has seen better days. You should also be giving it a deep clean, particularly given the current circumstances. Disinfect everything, hire a carpet cleaner to clean the floors, and give everywhere a really good going over while you have the chance.


Set up your own website


Sure, third-party booking websites such as Expedia and Air B n B are great for helping you to get bookings, but as well as taking a cut of your money, they also can be restrictive. Set yourself up a website and enjoy the freedom that it can give you with bookings. You can use your own booking system, you are not limited by the number of photographs that you can use and are not competing directly with other local properties. It also, if done properly, can pish you right up the search engine results, particularly if you work with a local SEO expert. 


While no one wants this crisis to carry on any longer than it needs to, there are things that vacation property owners can do to make the best out of their time without business.

The Perks of Hose Carts for Renters, House Flippers, and Owners

The Perks of Hose Carts for Renters, House Flippers, and Owners

If you’re currently renting a townhouse or home, or you’re flipping an older house to put on the market, you can greatly benefit from having a hose cart at your disposal. True enough, you may never think about garden hoses until a problem arises. Since yard and home exterior maintenance will need to be done no matter which category you fall into, these carts can really come in handy. Even if you’re a homeowner, there are several ways in which a cart is a better option than a wall-mounted hose reel. If you don’t already have one, here are a few reasons why renters, flippers, and owners alike should consider investing in hose reel carts.

Home Renters

As a home renter, there are restrictions on what you can install on or on the property. One of these is probably a wall-mounted garden hose reel. Your landlord or the management company owning your townhouse will surely not wish you to drill into the brick and mortar of the home. That is fine you don’t want to pay! This is where a hose cart will be incredibly useful. These can be transported anywhere you need a hose, from the driveway to flowerbeds and more. Hose carts are designed with large tires that can handle soggy yards, gravel, pavement, and tall grass. Easy to use and highly practical, these carts can be used to do a number of different things. Rinse off the back patio and water plants, then wheel it to the front of your home to wash the car and whatever else needs to be done outside. You won’t have to deal with a tangled hose messily stored on the ground. Instead, it’ll be perfectly stored and ready to go when you are.

House Flippers

If you remodel homes to put on the market, you’ll need to carry out a ton of maintenance. One area that may need major TLC is the front or back yard. Maybe new grass needs to be seeded or the sides of the home need to be power washed. Since you don’t want to install a garden hose reel onto a home that buyers may not like, a hose cart will be an excellent investment for your business. These carts are great for any job you have around the house you’re fixing, allowing you to reach far corners in the back yard, each side of the house, and wherever else you need to get to. A hose cart will help you water new grass, flowerbeds, and shrubbery anywhere on the property. You’ll be able to hose down any area of the home and fill the pool or hot tub with no mobility issues whatsoever!

Home Owners

If you’re not a renter or flipper, you can reap many benefits from owning a hose reel cart. Maybe you don’t want the look of a wall-mounted garden hose reel on the side or back of your home. These can be eyesores for some, especially when the hose isn’t wound in place correctly. A hose cart is a perfect solution with the ability to wheel it out of sight after use. These fit right in the garage or outdoor shed, leaving your home free of the functional decoration of a hose reel. Carry out all the outdoor tasks you’d normally do without the hassle of bad mobility as you make your way across the back yard into the front of your home or elsewhere.

No matter where you fall in homeownership, from renter to owner, there are notable benefits that make hose reel carts worthwhile investments. They provide all the benefits of a wall-mounted hose reel without permanence or lack of mobility. When you choose a high-quality hose reel, they typically come with a warranty so you’re totally covered should it leak or rust. Your garden hose is probably something you simply don’t think about. However, in a moment of frustration, you’ll wish you had an easier and more efficient solution. Consider purchasing a hose cart for your rental home, business, or owned home to see just how much value they bring!

Arm & Hammer Essentials Disinfecting Wipes Review

The only thing I can say about last year is WOW…

I spent many days feeling like I have to clean or wipe down anything any of my loved ones may touch. Like everyone else, I bought any kind of disinfecting wipes I could find.

I hated most of the wipes due to how harsh they were on my hands or because of the odor!

I’ve been looking for the perfect wipe that would not only smell good, but the texture of the wipe would last long enough to wipe down the items I was needing to disinfect.

By sheer luck, I found the Arm & Hammer Essentials Disinfecting Wipes, and I am hooked! The different scents smell amazing without being too strong for my sensitive nose.

The different scents smell amazing without being too strong for my sensitive nose. They come in  Lemon Orchard & Renewing Rain scents and I’m not going to lie, I just want to use them everywhere so I can breathe in the freshness while feeling confident I’m ridding my home and car of viruses and bacteria.

The next thing I fell in love with about the Arm & Hammer Essentials Disinfecting Wipes, was the texture, it is almost as if you are using a thin washcloth. They not only don’t tear up but they absorb amazingly! I can use them to wipe several things off before I remember I need to change it out.


I have to mention one more thing and that’s the shape of the container. It’s square. If you’ve ever tried to stuff round objects into a square-shaped cabinet I’m sure you can understand my excitement of the shape. I can fit more in my cabinet now and it even makes dispensing the wipes so much easier! The first one is already ready for you to begin your own disinfecting.

With the Covid vaccines coming out, I am sure people will be less worried about keeping up with a deep clean on a continuing basis but I’m going to stick to the habit I have formed of wanting to wipe everything down with the Arm & Hammer Essentials Disinfectant Wipes.

Have you tried these new wipes?



ShakeSphere Double Wall Stainless Steel Hot & Cold Thermos Shaker

I have always heard it takes 21 days before something becomes a habit, but I can say for me it took a lot longer!

Once the quarantine started, I decided to look for a way to become a healthier version of myself. I wasn’t happy with the route I was taking and knew in order to be a very active Mimi to my three active grandsons, I need to make a healthy change.

I decided on a diet that involved protein shakes and healthy smoothies, so my next step was finding a shaker that would stand up to our crazy South Texas weather. I chose the ShakeSphere Steel Hot & Cold Thermos Shaker, it serves three purposes and works amazing!

I use it in the morning to mix my protein and coffee and am able to drink out of it, it stays warm for hours which is great because I hit the ground running and sometimes forget that I need to drink it.

The next use is during the day, I will make a smoothie for lunch and use it to keep the smoothie cold. Again, it works amazing and keeps it cold for hours!

Here is a great video on their shakers!


ShakeSphere offers a lifetime warranty and 30-day return or exchange.

If you, like me are looking for a tool to help ease into a healthy lifestyle you can’t go wrong with this multi-use, super durable shakers!

Our Vision

ShakeSphere was founded upon the need for a supplement Shaker Bottle that actually worked for use before, during, and after a workout. Our CEO Rick Beardsell, an elite-level sprint athlete with numerous World and European titles, designed and developed ShakeSphere.

ShakeSphere has continually involved during its testing and development period, taking on board feedback over the years from athletes, fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders, coaches along with people from many other walks of life. By doing so we believe we have the best shaker on the market and we have had testimonials and reviews to justify such claims.



Smartish Wallet Slayer, Cable Wrangler & Prop Tart Phone Protection

I am fortunate to become a Mimi three times over in three years to all boys. I knew my life would revolve around rough and rowdy days….

All three of my grandsons are all boy! Now ages 7, 6 & 5, their only goal in life is to fight over who gets to play on my phone first and when I say fight over it I mean my phone falling to the ground at least once or twice before I have to step in.

I was always reluctant to letting them grab and use it because of how expensive the iPhones are! I was so excited to try out the new Smartish Wallet Slayer, this is extremely durable and I love the color & texture of this phone case. Best of all it can hold my licenses and credit card.

But their quality doesn’t end there! They have an amazing, Smartish Cable Wrangler that is ideal to keep all of your wires organized, this comes in handy for me since I use a really long phone charger that always ends up on the floor and risks getting stepped on! This magnetic organizers has saved me a ton of money from having to replace the chargers I kept stepping on and braking!

My favorite accessory though is the Smartish Prop Tart, this allows me to be able to text and maneuver my phone one handed, which comes in handy when you have to chase boys around all day! I love how I can use it to prop up and allow the boys to watch my phone without actually touching it.

I love all these products and as you can see they are made of very high quality materials. These are truly a lifesaver to my busy  lifestyle who lives on her phone. Check them out, you won’t regret it!



How to Satisfactorily Shop for Your Car Accessories

After purchasing your car, you will want to modify or maintain it to ensure it serves its purpose for a long time. One of the things you’ll keep doing is buying accessories. Some of the accessories improve the car’s functionality and performance, while others are just for beauty purposes. It all depends on your needs, type of car, and preferences. As you’ve probably realized, there are thousands of car accessories, all of which promise to improve function and style. How do you choose the best?

Photo Credit Maria Geller from Pexels

Understand your Needs and Preferences

It gets easier choosing car accessories when you understand your needs and preferences. Do you want to boost your car’s performance, function or make it more stylish? Also, it’s essential to understand your vehicle well. Are the accessories compatible with the car’s make and model? For instance, when looking for 4×4 rims, ensure they fit with your car’s measurements. Each vehicle has a unique fit of rims’ measurements; therefore, get the correct sizes first. 

If you are not sure about an accessory’s size or function, talk to an expert before buying. It will save you money, frustrations and time.

Understand the Accessories’ Functions

Suppose you want to enhance the safety features of your car. In that case, you’ll probably be looking for accessories that serve that purpose, while someone who wants to expand the storage unit to accommodate more luggage will be looking for storage accessories such as rooftop carriers and storage compartments. Each addition has its unique function, and when you understand this, you’ll make a more informed choice. Also, each accessory is manufactured with a particular car model in mind. Make sure to check the products that are compatible with your car type.

Choose the Right Dealer

The trickiest apart when buying any accessory is knowing who to buy from, especially if it’s your first time. There are many car accessory dealers with online and physical stores, but not all are authentic. Don’t jump into a deal just because a seller offers attractive prices. Do the background check, compare products, ask as many questions as you can and most importantly, ensure they are licensed to sell the products. 

Don’t just buy from a random store but check the credibility of a dealer. Do they have a physical location? How many such products have they sold in the past? Do they have a large and happy following? If you buy from a local store, it gets easier, but you shouldn’t limit your choice to locally available products. You might have a limited variety compared to online shopping. 

When shopping online, you have to be more careful. It’s easier to lose your money in an online sale than when buying from your local car dealership. However, you get the best deals, varieties and services online. Before sending the money or completing a sale, check the company’s reputation. Also, check if they have a return policy, their shipment terms, cost and duration.

Agree on the course of action if the product doesn’t fit your car, is damaged, or not what you ordered. However, even when you have been careful and have proper measures in place, a dishonest dealer may not honor their part of the bargain after you send the money. Check the online reviews of past customers and if there are too many complaints, choose another seller. 

Also, check how long it will take before you receive the product. If you live near the dealer, the shipment may take a few hours, while you might have to wait longer to receive an international order. It also helps to make sure the product is in stock before paying. You don’t want to wait as the supplier replenishes the dealer’s supply for the shipment to be processed. 

Don’t Compromise on Safety

Always prioritize safety over beauty or class. Avoid accessories that compromise your car’s security, however stylish or classy they look. A slight mistake can cause safety concerns to your car occupants. Always ensure your vehicle’s safety features are in top shape before adding any other accessories.  Also, ensure the car accessories fulfil the set safety standards. 

Quality Products

It’s essential to go for car accessories that are compatible with your vehicle model and type but most importantly, make sure they are genuine, tried and tested products. How do you know a product is authentic? With many brands and dealers in the market, it’s easy to fall into the hands of fraudulent dealers. 

Only buy manufacturer-backed products and check the trademarks. Also, most manufacturers have their dealers in every region. 

The Price

You might want flashy new rims or other classy accessories, but how much you can afford at the moment will determine the type of accessories to buy. Even when your budget is low, don’t go for cheap accessories because most tend to be low quality. It’s better to save or budget for the product and acquire a satisfactory quality product. However, some shops offer quality products at competitive prices. Spending more time comparing the prices will help you get a good deal.

On the same note, check the mode of payment the store prefers. Do you have to pay for the goods before delivery or after? If you have the option of first trying the accessory then paying later, it’s a better deal but if your preferred store doesn’t have this option, ensure you agree on the terms of return if the accessory doesn’t fit well. 

What if You Don’t Know the Right Accessories for Your Car?

If it’s your first time to buy car accessories, talk to your car dealer or a trusted car expert. Explain what you want to achieve, your needs and preferences. Car dealers have a broader knowledge of various car products and can help you make an informed decision.

 For an even better deal, talk to your specific car model dealer or expert. If you want to buy rims for your 4-wheel drive, look for someone who knows four-wheel-drive cars. They should know the right accessories and even guide you on how to buy them. 

As you spend more time studying various car accessories, you’ll understand their unique functions, making it easier to choose the most appropriate one.

Custom Patio Screen Doors And Why You Need Them

During a beautiful, clear sunny day either in spring, summer, or early fall, many of us enjoy having those seasonal breezes sweep through our home while the bugs stay out. A patio door is wonderful for letting those refreshing breezes sweep through your home. However, without a good patio screen door, debris and insects have no barrier to prevent them from entering your home.

Not all homes are built the same. Many of us these days live in homes with character and unique aspects, or many of us are designing our own homes from the ground up to be uniquely tailored to what we want in our dream home. Whether the home was built before the age of patio screen doors or you’ve got a larger or much smaller shaped patio door, what do you do?

You get custom patio screen doors! We’ll tell you why you should purchase custom patio screen doors and why they are perfect for your home’s patio.

What are Custom Patio Screen Doors?

Custom patio screen doors are customizable kits, or pieces specifically made to be used with unusually sized patio screen doors. Not all patio doors are built equal or the same depending on the home. A one-size-fits-all may not even fit your patio doors, so when you need a special size for your patio screen doors, the custom is usually the best solution.

What Comes with Custom Patio Screen Doors?

The best custom patio screen doors come in two selections: the classic sliding patio screen door and the classic sliding patio screen door kit. Why are these superior? These options are the most convenient for contractors and DIY homeowners alike for ease of replacing old patio screen doors, renovating them, or installing brand new ones with customized dimensions rarely found elsewhere.

Everything you need to create a gorgeous, easy to use patio screen door all in one convenient package.

Classic Sliding Patio Screen Door Kit:
• Heavy-duty, durable extruded aluminum frame, 4 pieces, sizes in width and height customizable.
• Screen material of your choice.
• Spline.
• Internal corners.
• Hardware included: sliding screen door handle, spline tool, internal corners
• Clear and easy instructions for building

Don’t feel like doing it yourself? Or you simply don’t have the time? The next option is right for you.

Classic Sliding Patio Screen Door:
• Pre-assembled for hassle-free installment
• Huge range of customizable widths and heights
• Wide choice of screen mesh material
• Can be built to specifications matching solar screen for the fixed side that mounts outside the door tracks
• Same heavy-duty, reliable extruded aluminum for long-lasting weathering

What Benefits Are There to Custom Patio Screen Doors?

Stop Bugs and Dirt. Custom patio screen doors mean more choices for unique homes that may not be available anywhere else. Being able to enjoy your patio no matter the season, as well as the fresh air, is important. But without a custom patio screen door that fits perfectly to your patio doors, you risk letting in gnats, mosquitos, flies, insects, dirt, debris, and perhaps even small outdoor critters. Some screens even help filter out dust and pollens, which is another fantastic benefit to having custom patio screen doors.

Ventilation Control. Ventilation is a must-have within your home. Painting something, cooking, fumes, and so on need to be properly ventilated within the home for safety and well-being. When it comes to being comfortable in your own home, having the ability to open your patio screen doors without the worry of pets escaping or biting bugs entering is just as important.

Cost-Effective and Convenient. If you decide to put together a custom patio screen door yourself with easy to follow instructions, you save yourself so much time and money! You don’t need to spend hours finding a contractor or wait weeks for one to become available. You don’t need to pay for the initial professional installation nor the hourly wages after, and you don’t need to worry about a stranger inconveniencing you in your own house. If you purchase custom patio screen doors already assembled you save yourself even more time and make it even easier to have your patio screen doors up and usable within moments.

Last, and just as essential: the customizable options with custom patio screen doors tend to have much more variety. With all of these amazing options as well as benefits, you now know exactly why you need custom patio screen doors!

5 Considerations Before Purchasing A Home Next To Water

Pexels – CC0 License


No matter if you’re interested in living next to the sea, a large lake or river, living by an open expanse of water can be quite refreshing and exciting. As there are a limited number of homes that can be in proximity to these considerations, it’s quite clear to see that these homes are often quite valuable, and they retain their value over time, too.


Of course, if you hope to purchase a home near the water, odds are you’re not only in it for the view. Many people enjoy retiring near a large lake where they can enjoy fishing over time, or perhaps wish to build their dream home next to a large and winding river. It could also be that a seafront property can help us get the freshest of air, and for us to take in a radiant tourist scene.


Yet like any large decision in life, there are a few considerations to make when purchasing a house or owning property near water, and that can help you come to a more informed decision when looking for somewhere to set up. Otherwise, it can be easy to get swept away in fairytale narratives without actually considering just what your experience may be in the long term.


With that in mind, we hope to explore some of the following advice with you, helping you get the benefit of enjoying a wonderful time near the water:




It’s important to consider just what licenses you may need in order to spend time near the water or on the water. It might be that you have to pay a yearly fee to register as a fisherman on private waters, and that may come with certain restrictions such as from what time of year you are allowed to enjoy that kind of activity.


Registering, insurance and licensing a boat is also quite important, making sure that you’re following the law and advice of the coast or water guard to the utmost letter. In some cases, you may be limited to what kind of renovative work you may be able to have next to the water, as often these areas are protected except for special developments. In this respect, asking your local housing authority just what options are on the table for you can be a very good and worthwhile idea.


Water Safety


It’s very important to consider water safety and how you’ll keep your family and friends secure. This might mean implementing a fence and ensuring that your children are closely watched, to make sure they cannot fall into the water themselves if your property backs up onto a lake.


It also means investing in the right equipment when placing boats on the water. For instance, Excellent boatlift platforms provide the means for a secure transmission from the water even in rough and stormy conditions – that in itself can add an extra layer of safety to your boat retrieval and storage.


Life rings, bouys, arm bands and other equipment are worth investing in as standard, in order to ensure you keep on top of water safety and are able to follow the thorough rules of the local authority. In this sense, you can make sure that you take living next to the water as responsibly as you can – as there is always a danger and risk posed by this effort.




Of course, it might be that there are several perks that come with living next to the water. You may be able to fish as previously discussed, but it could be that implementing engine-led boats or rowboats can serve as a great method of transport to another part of the town.


As such, it’s important to inquire as to where the public waterways are, what activities take place on that stretch of water, and just what your right of passage may be. It could be that everything is more than appropriate and paying a fee to your local rowing club helps you store your boat when there.


This is just one example that pertains to a larger truth – it’s essential to consider just what lifestyle you’re aiming for when purchasing land near the water, and training yourself or becoming properly qualified to live that lifestyle.


Alternative Living Conditions


Of course, so far we have discussed some of the ramifications and options open to you when thinking of life next to the water – but what about life on the water? In the UK alone, it is estimated that over 15,000 people live in boats on the water, including canal boats, barges and other residential ships. 


While this style of living is not for everyone, it might be for you! For that reason, doing some research on the upkeep of barges, how much they cost to purchase, where they can be found, and what canal-living communities there are can help you look to alternate arrangements, particularly if you’re looking for an adventure and need to ‘settle’ somewhere still guaranteed to give you freedom. In that capacity, you’re much more likely to consider all angles, and to do so effectively.


Security & Safety


So far we have discussed keeping your family safe and secure when living near water, but it’s also important to consider your home security and what that means.


One risk involved with living close to the water is that you’re often open to potential flooding if the water levels rise and become difficult to deal with. In the United Kingdom especially, heavy rainfalls led many riverside towns to flood dramatically, even overcoming the flood defenses. This isn’t intended to frighten you, only to help you understand what the risks may be, and why it’s worth looking into the past to consider what trends there are, and how to protect against them.


There is also the potential for land subsidence, or for the need to implement better runoff solutions which can lead to a bigger and more intensive renovative project if you hope to extend your property.


In terms of securing your home – it’s important to consider what measures you are happy with. When your home opens out onto a lake bed, it might mean that a public footpath is integrated between your home and the water, or that people have more access to your property than they may do in a more residential area. Putting up fences, security cameras, or simple motion detected floodlights (not pun intended) can help you stay safe and protect or secure your property against even the most unlikely security threats. In this way – you get the peace of mind you deserve.


With this advice, we hope you can live on the waterfront with confidence.